Project business, like instance in IT-services, planning, project-based manufacturing, has its own requirements. It is essential to be able to create projects quickly, whenever needed, based on pre-defined templates. Preferrably automatically whenever such case is sold. Project tasks are often hierarchical, they include schedules and dependencies, and need resources, budgeting, management and follow up. 

Regarding own work, it is a top priority to have time sheets as convenient and simple to use as possible. These entries should be automatically adapted to related sales orders as invoice items, whenever such is needed. Or if the task is part of bigger package, then the invoicing might be based on milestone-billing, though one still wants to track the tasks and time spent on them. 

When projects are run in integrated system with purchasing and manufacturing, the linking of purchases as a cost to related project should be easy. And is, when running Odoo. Same applies to manufacturing, or to taking goods from stock to be used as billable items to customer.  

There are suppraisingly many easy tasks, even with projects, when things are run in common database. 

Webbros oy, Pekka January 11, 2023
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