Stuck in routines? 

Lets collect all the functions and transactions of your company and combine them into single database , leveraging cloud based ERP  

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Do I need ERP?

How do I know whether I need one? What does it solve?  

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Only for big ones?

Traditionally ERP has been used by large companies, often stock listed, when they have needed tools to manage thousands or even millions of transactions. But nowadays these systems are also available for smaller companies, starting from one person web shops running out of garage, but they are really getting more relevant as either volumes or complexity of business increases.  

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Managing supply chain from factory to customer will run smoothly, when all parties are integrated. But one must have a system to connect to. Does your current ERP have the capability? 

The need to communicate with another system can related to web shop, or maybe such should be created or updated. Or maybe another sales channel should be opened, to Amazon perhaps. Or would be good to get transportation companies in the loop to link with your deliveries. Or get the subcontractors to confirm their part of processing.  

There are several ways to integrate, some of which are quite easy actually, and we would be pleased to elaborate! 

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Powered by Odoo  

We base our operations on Odoo ERP-system. It is suited especially for SME companies, but it is not lacking on functional scope  against rivals, even if the operation is larger. And you get it with much less effort, topped with superb user interface. 

 What is Odoo?

Webbros was established at 1997, along with commercial applications starting to appear in internet. Since the start of new milennium our focus has been on ERP systems. 

Today the areas of internet and ERP are superbly combined in the Odoo product, which we represent and implement for customers. Its agility allows  relatively efficient and fast implementation.  We are certified consultants of the Odoo and their partner in Finland.  

Our core competense includes:


Supply chain management from factory to customer. Information flowing in real time


 Services and logistics based on projects 


Not suggested to let only accountants track the euros  


Born web is the way to go today! 


Management by information calls for  collecting data to one place